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I made myself padded shoe bags over 30 years ago to give my precious shoes that little bit of added protection in a suitcase. Now I am making them for you.

Feedback tells us that you are using them for:-

  • Carrying your shoes ready for the office - did you ever see any one in heels on the tube?
  • For overnight stays where you might just use a holdall.
  • Taking dancing shoes to dancing classes.
  • Storing shoes in your wardrobe if you have no shoe boxes.
  • The padding also makes them ideal for storing your special clutch handbags - especially vintage ones or those with delicate decoration.

They are beautiful and practical luxury gifts for ladies of all ages.

All are handmade in England  by Valerie, in various durable fabrics and some in silk. New items are listed as they are made. Many are 'one of a kind' and each has a signed certificate, including details of the fabrics used and how to care for them.

SB shoes     SB shoes in      SB shoes filled

Includes a soft cloth to wrap around your shoes.

Approx size of bag 28cm x 33cm  (11ins x 13ins) - comfortably fits up to UK shoe size 7.

Please contact us if you would like a personalised shoe bag, or if you require a larger shoe bag.

Explore by clicking on the photos below.   

Due to customer feedback we are now offering our Vee Pretty gift box as an option.

Also see our Etsy shop. vee pretty clear lid presentation box shoes

SB34 Perugia embroidered shoe bag with handbag

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