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Our exquisite hand finished lace bag is made entirely on our own embroidery machine in the UK! 

Such a wonderful way to present a precious gift: an engagement ring or 'thank you' jewellery given to a special friend, bridesmaids, mothers' of the bride and groom, sister, or Godmother etc.

Unwrapping another layer to delay the excitment of what is inside that box!

Available in white or black with a satin ribbon drawstring, each bag is made to order, and is a work of art in its own right, as well as being a charming keepsake for years to come. Or make yours unique by adding a ribbon colour of your choice.

We are sure you will think of other wonderful things to put into this stunning little lace bag. 

They will fit various sizes of boxes which jewellery comes in. Please contact us if you have a specific box size in mind.


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