Vintage Jewellery add glitz to your Lingerie Nightdress Cases

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I do love ‘statement’ jewellery. In fact I love all jewellery and have been lucky enough to have had some wonderful pieces passed down to me, or given to me by my family at special times in my life, nothing worth millions and largely costume jewellery. But in memories of who once owned them, these are worth their weight in gold!

My children have given me a new way of looking at my jewellery.  If they feel the need for a relative who is sadly no longer with us to be at an occasion they say to me ‘wear Auntie ...‘s’ necklace, bracelet etc. Sometimes the girls ask to wear the jewellery themselves. This seems to have developed into a new tradition in our family. Sadly we can’t keep our loved ones forever and have to let them go. It is comforting to feel something belonging to a past family member next to my skin – it is like feeling their love is there with us. Making them still part of the occasion in spirit if not in body.

This idea got me thinking about Vee Pretty.  Why not add a brooch to a lingerie case or nightdress? A necklace, or bracelet could be carefully stitched in place as a decoration. And what a wonderful way to or prolong the life of a broken piece of jewellery from someone important to you.

If you don’t have anything suitable in your jewellery box then take a look at Here you will find some of the most beautiful pieces of European and America 20th Century costume jewellery from the designers of the day, all in excellent condition. Laura has got exquisite taste and I just have to browse her shop on a regular basis!

lc23 +lace         lc45 with bird   lc53 with feather

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