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Driving to Bath Vintage & Antiques Decorative Market I received a request from my daughter – ‘Please look for some wedding shoes for me’. ‘Rightee ho’, I replied. She continued …. ‘I would like Silver shoes, square toed, so I don’t get sore feet, oooh and low heels, but not thin ones, thick ones so I don’t wobble up the aisle’.

A bit of a tall order!

I couldn’t believe it, as I walked into Green Park I spied a pair of silver shoes, glinting in the distance. Surely not, I thought. As I got nearer I realised that they were exactly as she described, I could not believe my luck.

I picked them up - there was a label inside ‘Cinderella Shoes’. Unbelievably they were the correct size! – Mission accomplished.

I remembered this day with a smile recently as I was working on a commission for shoe bag for a bride’s shoes. I wondered what her shoes were like, but knew whatever style they were, they would be wrapped up and stored safely after their special day, in the beautiful bag I was making.

And yes I did make my daughter a wedding shoe bag for her Cinderella shoes!

Have you got a story to tell about your wedding shoes?

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